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Default Fuel System Problems

As Bran recounted, my 4 year old 20 hp Merc 4 stroke needed a carb rebuild this Spring. The cost was $200. Last Fall, I disconnected the fuel line and ran the fuel out of the system before Winter storage. That did not work.

My dealer, Jimmy Hensley at Tri County Marine suggested I start the engine on a regular basis during Winter storage. He said, “They don’t have these problems in Florida”. I consider Jimmy an expert.

My plan this Winter is to buy a gallon of fuel and run the motor for a few minutes every week or so using a garden hose for the cooling system. After the run, I’ll pour the gas into my truck. Hopefully this will work. By the way, I use all three Mercury additives and 10% ethanol fuel. One of the additives is the Mercury version of Stabil.

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