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Default walking in

I'm not sure if you were in the lower end of Miller's Island but I have had similar experiences at the lower end. In case someone is thinking they were bait slingers, THEY WERE NOT. They had fly rods just like me. I'm not combative but I did back one up by casting to him. The river is just like life, got all kinds out there.

I've been fishing the middle and lower end and have had success when the sun was out and the fog lifted. When I fish the Clinch now I use nymphs, copperhead with different color beads. If the water is skinny, go to the midge.

Sorry you encountered water jerks. If I'm fishing and I'm hooking up on fish and another angler is near and not catching, I invite him in. I do this often on the So. Ho and sometimes it comes back to me when I watch someone hooking up.

My advice, pay it forward. Share the water and if they're 10 feet away drive em back.
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