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The longer you fish the Clinch, you will learn that probably >70% of the fly fishermen are there for the sulfurs. I know lots of people who will only fish the Clinch from May thru July. I actually prefer the season we are heading into. It can be very challenging, but I remedy this by fishing #24 midges >4' deep in long sloooow runs. I have showed others this approach and they found it painfully difficult, but I have success with it and just consider it to be just another technique.

Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
I've found the easiest approach to dealing with a holes is to just smoke them by catching 10 fish to their one. Ignore them when they ask for advice and tell him to have a nice day when you leave. I did it a few weeks back at cold water except my ratio was 20:1 . It felt great walking within 10 feet of the guy as I left for the day. I left him speechless

There is one guy in particular at Coldwater that I have had multiple encounters with over the past couple years. When I see his vehicle, I know I am in for a frustrating morning. Originally, I even tried talking to the guy, but he only cared about getting to "his spot". I promise, he was running and passed me as I was walking downstream. Last time I went downstream about 50 yards of him and did just what you said. He didn't stick around for very long and left quite abruptly. Most people there practice good ethics as they are mostly older and more experienced anglers. I typically fish so far downstream that nobody else comes down that far, but I was just fed up with this clown's behavior.

I hope to get out there Friday morning, assuming the generation schedule is favorable.

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