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I appreciate all reports on equipment good or bad, it is the part of this sport we all anguish over in my opinion. I am a card carrying member of the Orvis cult for a few reasons, I have personally seen the Orvis rod I bought used, sent in by the previous owner for a broken tip repair and sent back completly retrofited from stem to stern for just the cost of shipping. I like the quality and the service I get from LRO and the Orivs store in Seiverville, and online whenever I buy their stuff. I count on either me breaking things or stuff breaking down so I always look for guarantees and service. As a side note I know someone on here who was in the store when you bought the one for your brother and he and I were both impressed with your generoisity to your family. Keep posting for those of us locally and outside this region, we look forward to your updates and insights. Thanks!
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