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No we did not ever do Desolation. Someone told me they had hiked it nd did not think it would hold much in the way of fish, so we scraped the idea for now.

He and I were the ones who did Road Prong yesterday though.

We were supposed to paddle Abrams yesterday but the Little Riverngauge was less than the minimum of 2.7 ... It was like 1.8 or something that low. We were goi g to do it in sit upon kayaks. Oh well....Road Prongnws a good substitute! Perhaps this fall.

The duckies may be a better choice!

The latest off trail was in Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock looking for four old plane crashes. We found three of the four. Now I will have to wait until the first frost to escape snakes, gnats, and yellow jackets!

----Jeff Wadley
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