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Originally Posted by Byron Begley View Post
Hey Jeff,

Are you talking about paddling Abrams from the Ranger Station to the lake?

Yes Sir he is. I took his buddy Adam Beal (Crockett) and his son Jack a few months back, and he commented that he wanted to go. The duckies are much better than a sit on top. In fact if you have enough water for a sit on top, the whitewater would be pretty tough (20 Class 2's one Class 3-). If you tried it any lower than 2.2-2.5 or so you would be in for a REALLY long day, or worse be rescued by the park service like the fellas a couple years back. 2.7 is a minimum when the water table is flush, but I've been down it where I barely scraped down it at 2.9. I would expect some boat abuse as the problem with this run is that it gets really wide in the middle 1/3 of the run, nothing like what it looks like near the ranger station. I call it a miniature Hiawassee because that's what it looks like with it long diagonal ledges. Water levels that would be suitable for boating do not coordinate well with fishing levels in this stretch

Jeff be glad you went to RP instead If we ever get some water again I'll be happy to take you.
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