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Originally Posted by Byron Begley View Post
Daniel talked to John Bauer who worked on the reel personally. John had to cut the retainer off to remove the spool.

Thanks for the reply and input. I am still unclear on what I did to cause it to seize up. One thought is that maybe some tippet got under the spool somehow...?

The Rogue 2 is still my favorite reel and I love the craftsmanship of the design.

My main worry and anxiety was from the initial quote of $100 to get it repaired after only two-years of use. Also; the fact that I could not discern any difference in its use from my other reels.-most less inferior and still working fine.

I still support Bauer and I will continue to look at their reels. I have been looking for a nice Rogue 4-5 for some big boy hunting on the clinch.
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