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I've fished glass rods for several years now and have bought and sold many trying to find the perfect fit for me. I haven't owned a mcfarland or Steffen rod but they are considered the best. As mentioned , fiberglass flyrodders forum has everything you want to know about glass rods and you might want to follow Cameron's blog the Fiberglas Manifesto. Most glass are pretty slow , so some will be better than others for throwing smallies flies. I really like the old 1970s models Fenwick Feralites for poppers and streamers over the earlier year models because the action is better suited. The lami glass rods are super slow and have a hard time casting anything more than a dry fly unless you get the shorter stiffer action. Just like the boo rods, cast them first if you can. There are a lot of new glass rods to choose from now. I'm pretty excited about the new glass Orvis rods coming out soon!

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