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Default what i have been up too.....summer continues

Brian you are correct! I stopped by the shop after my trip to the little river earlier this summer. I remember you asked about a place to stay to fish the Big Chick as they are calling it these days. Dayton TN has rebranded herself as the “New Bass Fishing Capitol of the South.”

I bet if u called around u, or anyone else, could find a cabin to rent. That area is great fishing. We have done well in tournaments up there throwing frogs and sammys.

As summer as dragged on the Snookie has continued to chase bass around Chickamauga and Nickajack. There have been some changes as of late. My early summer grass bite has tapered off as the water temperatures have climbed. The bass have gone deep in search of cooler water and I have struggled to catch the big uns’ as of late. That being said I am still catching smaller buck bass in the grass and schooling on points. I cant wait for later in the year when the grass starts to die and the canopy forms. This is when the BIG GIRLS come to play on top!

Schooling bass are something that I hope everyone can witness sometime in theor lives. Rapid fire fishing is lots’O’fun! It never fails that my casting ability (mediocore at best) drops significantly when my blood boils as the fish start jumping. Speed is of the essence as the only thing that matters is getting any bait into the target zone! Wiggle minnows, poppers, clousers, and even frogs it don’t matter the fish will eat.

The Honey Hole! and

Obligatory Bass Pics...enjoy

There are times when it doesn’t seem to stop raining. It seems all I do is dodge storms.

fish till the storm is on top of you then run home

The grass as continued to grow. The spots I was fishing a month ago are now covered with a combination of American Pond Weed (I think) and hydrilla on top with a healthy layer of milfoil coming up below. I tend to troll or paddle around listening for ever telling sounds of the snap crackly pop of the active areas and proceed to beat them up with the frog. Last year, when I was in Knoxville, the upper stretches of Loudon around campus had grass all around. Go check out the bank around Sequoyah hills, you will see

Summer continues..............keep getting all that you can out of her!
there is a reason they dont call it "catching"
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