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Originally Posted by D-Drake View Post
Sometimes the higher quality reels have much less room for error or corrosion. They are machined to such close tolerances. I know on Ross Reels if you oil the spindle it can actually cause a vacuum and make it almost impossible to get the spool off without disassembling the reel.

I'm glad they got it all fixed up for you.

Originally Posted by flyman View Post
Having people like Byron and Daniel are what sets LRO apart from your average fly shop. Not many other people would have picked up the phone and called the owner of the company, and Daniel's knowledge never fails to amaze me. Cause he really don't look or act nearly as smart as he is
So true and I am an avid supporter and promoter of LRO and its brands. Byron and Daniel offer the support and customer service that is rare in the big box stores! We must continue to support them and similar businesses to preserve and invest in our sport!

Jon Bauer emailed me yesterday to check on the reel and to give me some care advice. I was very pleased with the kind gesture. I still feel that the Bauer Rogue 2 is my favorite reel and I will continue to fish it and promote it. It is one of those reels that you save up for and when you get it; you say, "****, why did I wait to save up for this reel?"
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