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Originally Posted by Thunderhead8 View Post
Oops! Did Ducky just reveal to us "Crockett Creek"? Methinks so!
Sorry! Nice try Lower Abrams was a boating trip where no fishing rods were ever brought.

Crockett Creek if where the map is wrong on the other side of the park. I have never fished this creek with Crockett, and only knew after I was lost that I remembered a post by him about usgs maps being wrong on an off-trail forum, and realized where I was If you read the responses to my post you can probably figure it out though

If you thick skulled and still can't figure it out and really want to know just shoot me an e-mail. I can remember just a few years ago I was always trying to figure out where people fished, and while it seemed obvious to many, I could never figure it out.
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