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Originally Posted by Rog 1 View Post
It can still be a dry fly game of epic is big factor. The flies you mentioned will all work at this time of year. There is still a terrestrial bite going on and don't be afraid to try something big...I love to fish a parachute madam X...have seen days where the trout will hit these things like a bream on a grasshopper...good luck and let us know how you do
Thanks! I got no problems chucking big dries. I have some huge stimies that the Lancaster County brookies can't let alone. I'll be sure to stop in at Little River as well before setting up camp.

What is the weather like in early October down there? In our mountains, we've seen snow as early as October (though it usually melts by morning). Is this a factor down there? We expect cooler, damp conditions in PA by this point, with overnight lows dipping as low as the 30s up in the hill country.
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