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Originally Posted by The-Sasquatch View Post
We get a BIG orange caddis up in the central PA area (October Caddis). It's like, a size 12-10. Maybe I'll chuck a couple of these around, if orange works well.

I wouldn't mind snow, I just don't want the criks to freeze up on us!
Orange Caddis would be perfect. Might want a few in 14 I believe LRO sells an orange neversink also.

And I wouldn't worry about the creeks freezing up, although if it is cooler, you better bring your nymphs

And trying to guess what the weather will be around these parts could drive one insane. All I can really tell you is that and forecast more than 48 hours out will most likely be changed every 12 hours where they will still get it wrong in the end Somewhere between 15-85 degrees air temp, and 46-59 water temp is my best guess
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