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You're right, it's definitely speculative, but you can still get a general idea. I mean, I'm not going to get down there and find myself in the middle of an epic sulpher hatch and be completely unprepared for it. It's the same for PA. I can't predict for sure what's going to be coming off in October, but I can usually tell you what is likely hatching, and what won't be hatching. I'm pretty sure there won't be any green drakes on Penn's in October hahaha! It's good to get an idea of a few patterns that I can tie up ahead of time, and then suppliment it with what I need at LRO when I get down there. That's kind of the plan.

Who am I kidding!? I usually fish the "Royal Wulff Hatch" all year anyway! I'm a firm believer in the idea that it ain't about what you're throwing, it's about how you're throwing it....most times (or, sometimes? Many times? Not always!)

Anyway, the plan is to DEFINITELY stop at LRO when we first arrive, and get any last minute flies/equipment that we might need. I wouldn't join a store's website, take all the info, and then not buy anything. That's like going into Borders, reading a novel, and then walk out w/out buying it!

After that, it looks like an amazing drive through the park to our campsite in Smokemont.
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