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Originally Posted by flyred06 View Post
well I have a update on the search for glass. today i went to a fly shop and found 3 old fenwick glass rods. they are in absolutely prestine shape. they appear to never have had a reel put on them before today. they were out of a personal collection where the collector died and his widow sold the rods. they are in their origonal plaid sock and tubes. i bought a 7 ft 6weight and a 8 ft 7wt. these rods cast like a dream. my question is this, should i fish them or put them in my collection. i really like how they feel and look but a rod not fished is like a car not driven. what are some of you guys thought. collect or fish?
I believe I would fish them and treat them with a little extra TLC when storing them, etc. It sounds like they have good history and why not add to it...

One note; keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible when not using them. The UV rays are most damaging on resin based material.

I personally love nostalgic rods and gear. My first find was a Shakespeare Wonderod and that rod would sling a fly. Gave it to a friend as a birthday gift because he admired it so much.

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