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Default A Grand Slam in the pond!

I had the opportunity to fish a large farm pond yesterday afternoon and, although there were a lot of thunderclouds moving through, I was able to fish for about 2 hours between. It was as humid as I can ever remember and a large jug of ice water was soon gone! I had a lot of fun though, as soon as I got there, following one t-storm, the Bream were popping all around. I started with a lime popper, sz. 12, and they bit readily.

I caught them right along for about 45 minutes, along with a couple of Largemouth, before switching over to a green "Clawdad", sz. 10. I should have went a little larger, but, the smaller size turned out good because the Crappie like them.

I caught around 7-8 nice slabs on the Clawdad, while also catching the intended species:

All in all a great time. Caught about 10 LMB, and my little Jack had a good time too, he tried to attack every one I brought in the boat!!
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