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Originally Posted by HuskerFlyFisher View Post
I was in a local fly shop today scouting 8'4" rods. They have three Orvis models ranging from $198 to $600-ish. They looked and felt the same to me.

What's the diff?
Did you cast them?

I do believe that some rods are over-priced, and aren't worth the premium price. Most of my rods are mid-range rods, but I do have one Orvis premium rod (that I bought on clearance for 50% off). I must say that it casts exceptionally well. The difference is in all the minor details that make up the premium rod: weight, flex, materials, balance, etc. All of these typically add up to performance.

I am not advocating that people splurge and only buy $600 rods. I know lots of people who are very please with their TFO Signature rods. I have a TFO 7'3" 2-wt that I fished in the park for a few years with, and it is probably my second favorite rod. I believe it depends on how often you fish, how passionate you are about fishing, and how much disposable income you have.

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