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totally do able in a day. Some big rocks, a little hopping, a little shimmying up a car size rock here or there, but do able. Great for 2 people, but one person is fine too. I would have a person with a definite time to hear from me. This way if something does happen you are not stranded any longer than you have to be. start at 8 am and you can be to the big turn around parking lot on the bend in an easy 8 hours. That may require you to pass up some lesser holes and fish only the best ones towards the end of the trip. The fishing can be great. I would expect to catch over 50 fish, but could easily by 75 or more, some of which should be at least 10in. Mostly rainbows. There is the occasion brook tossed inhere and there but they are farther and fewer between in that stretch. I definitely like that stretch in low water. The bigger ricks make deeper pools.
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