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Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
Did you cast them?

I do believe that some rods are over-priced, and aren't worth the premium price. Most of my rods are mid-range rods, but I do have one Orvis premium rod (that I bought on clearance for 50% off). I must say that it casts exceptionally well. The difference is in all the minor details that make up the premium rod: weight, flex, materials, balance, etc. All of these typically add up to performance.

I am not advocating that people splurge and only buy $600 rods. I know lots of people who are very please with their TFO Signature rods. I have a TFO 7'3" 2-wt that I fished in the park for a few years with, and it is probably my second favorite rod. I believe it depends on how often you fish, how passionate you are about fishing, and how much disposable income you have.
Excellent post and explanation! I second the TFO Rods. I would say they are the Honda Brand of the fly rod business. Very good rods, durable, and excellent value for the price.

They aren't any better than the arm they're attached to. Having said that, they are fun to fish

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