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Originally Posted by Float On View Post
How does the long version compare to the short one? I need to hit LRO and test it.
I use to exclusively fish a 7'9" rod and since going longer, I'll never look back. For every instance where I wish I had a shorter rod, there's 5 where I'm glad I have a longer rod. Let's just say that I no longer fish any of my shorter rods anymore. 8'9" is the shortest rod I fish and I wish it were 3" longer. I do fish some tiny speck streams and just have no use for a shorter rod.

Keep in mind, I don't always fish the same way most folks on the board do. There's none of this no wading, long delicate presentations, hugging the banks stuff for me. I wade right in and high stick dry flies through the runs. I'm far more concerned about getting a perfect drift the first time a fly passes over a fish.

Works for me. Your results may vary.
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