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Originally Posted by cbryant148 View Post
I just purchased one just for the occasion. I will definitely keep a lookout. Thanks everyone for the feedback.
It's been over a year. If in fact someone finds it, I doubt it would even work. West Prong has seen some pretty high levels in the last year. Least I found my fly box I lost

As for How Bad it is in there. It's all somewhat relative, but as others have chimed in you should be fine as long as you take your time

The scariest part of the trip will be the hike back to your car on 441

I call the tunnel my Forrest Gump tunnel as I wait for a break in traffic and then run like hel*

Also since that is such a long fish, and you might be by yourself, might want to make yourself aware of the optional exits to the parking area right before the tunnel (currently closed and a staging area for the repaving), and also a single parking space right above tunnel (once you see rock wall that leads into tunnel start to look for steep trail up to the right)

Please post a report
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