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Originally Posted by buzzmcmanus View Post
I use to exclusively fish a 7'9" rod and since going longer, I'll never look back. For every instance where I wish I had a shorter rod, there's 5 where I'm glad I have a longer rod. Let's just say that I no longer fish any of my shorter rods anymore. 8'9" is the shortest rod I fish and I wish it were 3" longer. I do fish some tiny speck streams and just have no use for a shorter rod.

Keep in mind, I don't always fish the same way most folks on the board do. There's none of this no wading, long delicate presentations, hugging the banks stuff for me. I wade right in and high stick dry flies through the runs. I'm far more concerned about getting a perfect drift the first time a fly passes over a fish.

Works for me. Your results may vary.
I feel that 200$ slipping away for the longer version. I've been making excuses to not get it for 2 months now. To many times I've hit a spot where that extra reach would allow me to high stick over a run and keep my fly from getting yanked out of a pocket.

Sounds like we fish the same way. I'm rarely standing on dry land. Standing in waist deep water with my eyeballs barely able to see over the rock I'm hiding behind, I look like I'm stalking my prey instead of fishing.
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