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Originally Posted by Trico View Post
Not to "steal" this thread I have a question regarding floating the Clinch. Being from out of state I have very limited experience fishing the Clinch. Except one occasion all of my fishing has been above the weir dam and around Miller's Island. We once floated from Miller's Island to, I think the Peach Orchard in February. This was the poorest day I have ever had trout fishing. One small brook trout. A guide, whom I have a lot of respect for, told me he very seldom floats this section as he feels the fishing in this particular section is so poor once you get below Miller's Island. Knowing a lot of you have considerable experience fishing the Clinch could you please give me your opinions on this? Many thanks for any advice or information you may wich to share.
In my opinion; the only negative about the Miller's Island to Peach Orchard Section is storm runoff from Coal Creek. I find that the area from Coal Creek down about 1/2 mile gets sparse with trout after heavy rains. Also; the thermocline of the river changes and a warmer zone extends farther down the Clinch during these times. This upsets the trout at times and pushes them to better areas of the river with colder temperatures, higher oxygen content, and less pH Levels. Also; the warmer zone invites striper schools to hold in this area for longer periods of time. They will move up and down from this area during generation to feed. So; it seems to have a predator impact on the area.

That being said; there are some huge fish in that section and I like fishing it. You just have to watch out for the bone-yard below the bridge if you are canoeing. There are lots of submerged obstacles that tip you over if you are not being attentive.
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