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[QUOTE=MadisonBoats;107412]Floating is great on zero to 1 generator for most fly fishing.

2 generators if you are throwing big streamers and targeting some big boys. Although, I have the lowest catch rate.

If you have a kayak or canoe; zero is very doable to float the river. However; you probably should wait and do it on one generator to get a good feel of the run. Plus; it can be a long drift with no push.

It will take you about 5-6 hours to go from Millers to the jail on one if you are fishing and not just paddling. I would not suggest that drift on zero generators as it will be extremely taxing on your body and it could be a long day if you are trying to fish certain sections. You will find that you have to start passing good areas up to maintain a decent pace to get home before dark.

Madison"s description above is spot on especially the time lines, with no flow that first part of the trip can mean walking around rocks until you hit the backside of the island. That being said the trip is fun and takes you away from that conga line when wading.Watch the weather, start early, take food and plenty of liquid s and have fun! There will be times when it's just you on the water enjoy it.
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