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Originally Posted by Breck View Post
Up at 4 a.m. hoping the rain wouldn't wash my hopes of fishing away. It rained all day in N.C. where I was. Sometimes it's not about the catching as it is the journey. Today it was a journey day.

Experimenting with this GoPro 3 and today shot some footage that wont get me to Hollywood but fun none the less. Compared video shot by Pentax K30, Canon Power Shot D20 and the Go Pro. Based on previous comments by S.M., I completely agree that a point and shoot camera came out on top as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, took a few pictures in between the showers and caught a few fish in blown out water.

My 1st crossing.

This guy didn't have to beg for attention. Mother Nature is Marvelous!!

Blooming and Full Bloom.

Very Busy!!

Ended my trip with a first. Wading close to the bank back down river....a deep hole swallowed me and under I went. No current, just a deep hole. Enough cant be said about a wading belt. Touched bottom came up like a bobber and felt the slow trickle of water making its way South. Nothing lost or damaged just a heavy hike out.

Laughed at myself and hoped no one got a picture of me swimming with waders on!!

Thank You,

Great pictures and report. You have to watch out for those deep holes. Unfortunately; they always find me or I find them by playing slip and slide. The GoPro's are fun and great to add to your equipment set. However; I find that their video is very specific and not as versatile as other compact HD Cameras. I still use mine for shooting videos; just not as the main camera.
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