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Originally Posted by Float On View Post
I'm curious about something. I've got a kayak that I bought to fish out of (Ocean Kayak Prowler 13T). I've mainly used it to fish conventional rods. I have 2 major problems, the first is with a fly rod. I can cast decently from the kayak but the motion of the cast causes the kayak to turn in directions i usually don't want to turn in. The other problem I have is keeping it from turning when just at a dead drift. I've been looking at picking up a drift chute for it. Anyone have any experience with the drift chutes or maybe another way to fix that kind of issue?

Getting the kayak back in my fish experience would open a lot of doors for new areas.
my paddle lays across my legs at all times and i keep a spare in the yak in case it falls out. this way i am able to paddle with one hand to orient myself if needed. i have thought about the drift sock as well but i am afraid it would snag on logs and shoals if i'm watching the fish and not the sock
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