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This size is very unusual for our small freestoners as well, Dennis. There is something VERY unique happening in the stream these fish were caught in. It has a limestone spring headwater, but in the past the whole stream acted more as a freestoner rather than a limestoner. Lots of small brookies, a few brownies, but nothing to write home about. It gets stocked and POUNDED during the first few weeks of trout season (only stocked with rainbows), but this is a few miles upstream of the stocking point. Over the past few years, the stream has started to take on more classic limestone features. There's a lot of water cress, good hatches, lots of bait fish, and the waters have become fishable year 'round. I went on a 20 degree day this past Feb. The stream was free and flowing around 38-40 degrees. Last summer I took a stream temp downstream from where I caught these fish. The air temp was literally 103. The water was 67. The growing season for these brookies is much longer than the usual freestone creek. That, paired with the supply of food as created something very special, ESPECIALLY for the area that I live (Lancaster County). It's quite a gem.
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