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Default Kayak Options

I'm hoping you guys will share some of your kayak rigging and techniques. I've got a good platform for fishing and for the most part I've fished slower moving rivers and lakes. I've only targeted bass when fishing from the kayak. The past year and a half I've been in waders fishing for trout. A recent trip to the Clinch and threads posted on floating has me wanting to get the kayak out again.

The biggest question I have is where is a good location for the solo yaker. 1 car, 1 kayak, 1 person makes float trips a little confusing. I need somewhere to go that I can paddle back to the car (unless there is another way).

The other question was the use of a drift chute/sock. Needed or not. I seem to have issues with the motion of cast turning the kayak. I've seen a small paddle kinda like an emergency paddle that would probably work well so I didn't have fight with the larger paddle and the rod.

I'm hoping to target some of the bigger browns or just have a nice quiet float.
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