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Originally Posted by stevee71 View Post
I recently purchased a 14 foot v-hull boat with a 9.9 hp and was wondering if I put in at Peach Orchard with 1 generator running how far up I could go?
Thanks in advance.
All the way to the weir after the water has risen to 1 generator level. Keep in mind the water rise from the generation takes about 2 hours to hit Peach Orchard. If you have a short shank motor; set the angle up a few notches to run even shallower. Be mindful that it is still circulating water out through the water pump. Carry a few extra sheer pins, cotter pins, needle nose pliers, and an adjustable wrench to remove the prop. It is fairly easy to do and the sheer pin should break before anything else if you hit something. They cost about $1 each and take just a few steps to replace. I think it is a good idea to carry an extra prop as well. You will need it eventually if you fish the river enough with a motor.

Areas to watch for:
  • first shoal above PO Ramp (1/4) mile; hit the right side close to the bank.
  • after you go under the power lines; run the channel on the left side to I 75 Bridge; then switch to the right.
  • beware of the trees submerged in the river from Coal Creek to Massengill Bridge (boneyard)
  • the shoal about 200' above Massengill Bridge, hit it slightly right of mid-stream
  • the shoal about 100 yards below Miller's Island, hit it about 1/3 right of the channel
  • be mindful of drifting downstream in to an extended or submerged tree, these objects tend to cause most capsizes on the river from what I have experienced.
The rest is pretty easy. It takes me about 30 minutes to get up past Millers Island from Peach Orchard. Get a trolling motor to help you drift without having to run your motor or paddle.

Be sure to wear a life jacket and fasten down everything in the boat with bungee cords. If you use an anchor; be prepared for hard snags and do not go too heavy on the rope. Anchor from the bow and keep the bow oriented upstream. Also; carry your cellphone and keep it protected in your possession. Let your family and friends know where you are going and what you are doing with a timeline.

Carry a fire extinguisher and paddle as well!

The river if fairly safe; but you have to respect it and prepare for events! Things will happen and it is best to be ready for them.

Hope this helps guide you safely....
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