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I float and fish out of a 12 ft solo canoe and have it rigged with a drag chain off the stern that can be raised and lowered while sitting. It works great for slowing your drift and keeping the boat straight. Most canoes and yaks do not have enough of a keel to prevent the twisting as your casting. Try hanging your left foot/ leg in the water if a right handed caster. I did that a lot when I fished from a sit on top kayak. Simulates a keel. Never used a drift chute but would be afraid of it catching lots of grass. I also use a kayak paddle but have a small back up paddle for quick course corrections especially when the wind is blowing the bow off course while drifting. It can get very frustrating dealing with current, wind, casting, and mending while trying to control the boat and fish at the same time. But it's nice to be able to get to places only a drift boat or pontoon craft can go. I usually paddle upstream from my launch point and fish back if by myself or paddle to shoals and wade around with the boat tethered to me.
Riverbassin forum has a lot more fishermen using kayaks and canoes to float rivers than this one and has a lot of info on rigging your boat
I've never had a problem using the dragchain but I keep a knife handy in case I need to cut away.
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