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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
Nathan I could see you hiking 8+ miles starting in the afternoon, but I think it might just kill Joel. Less than 2 miles sure beats 8. I would just drive up 441 for some roadside action if 1 fish was all I was after.
I think your right. 8 miles would kill me. I'm reserving that run for an overnight. I shot over to the Oconaluftee earlier this year to try for a single stream slam but the browns where hiding well.

I wasn't really going for the slam but I had to finish it especially after the crazy amazing day we were already having. I knew there would be at least 1 brookie at Sam's that would take a fly so I was going for the sure thing. I found 5 brookies that were willing and I only fished about 50 feet of the stream. I bet a day at Sam's would have been amazing.

As for the san waun worm. I usually run a barbie bug. The could of rainbows and the small brown took that fly but I had one of Browies magic worms in my pack and thought I would try it out on brookies. They liked which is no surprise.

So it looks like now I have to get a single stream slam and according to Josh Pheiffer I need to get an ultimate slam and run down and bag a smallie too.
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