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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
Wow! Your ruined

If that location is where I think it is, a fisheries student from California who is an avid snorkeler told me about that fish. He commented on how he was always there when he snorkeled that pool. I may just have to give the front country a try sometime

Now how are we supposed to talk you into hiking 10+ miles to catch if your lucky a 8 or 9 inch fish
Thanks Ducky, I am always up for a hike if the company is good and if there is a chance of catching a brown even if its 8 -9 inch fish all the better

From the people that I have spoken apparently that hole holds several big Browns but they are usually hiding in the undercut. The good thing about hooking a big brown is that they usually show you were they live by trying to go straight back there when you hook them, so I now have his address LOL.
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