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As for the big brown strategy. I was with Brownie this past weekend when he caught that big brown. Check out his post. We really got lucky and saw that one sitting on the bottom.

As for depth... I was dragging across the rocks at the bottom with my dropper and it seemed to work out. I did see some fish sitting subsurface eating emergers I think, so it might be worth your time to try that pattern if you see them like that.

I'm no expert on hatches and for the most part I can barely identify what's what flying around. We saw some little flies (black head, white body, black tail end) flying up and down. Brownie told me what they were but I can't remember the name. Not even sure if the fish were keying in on that hatch. Hopefully he will read this thread and be able to tell you what they were.

I'll be running around up there most of this coming holiday weekend. I'm doing more brown scouting. If you see a little black honda accord sitting on the road side, stop in and say hello.
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