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Originally Posted by HuskerFlyFisher View Post
Guys, are dropper rigs the most effective way to fish right now?

What do you on top?

On bottom? How deep typically?

Greenie weenie on bottom, Caddis on top?

Where's the best prospect (and strategy) for a big brown?

Thanks guys!!
Best strategy for Big Browns is first finding one to sight fish to or knowing what undercut he lives in , in PA where I was before I moved here we would walk around for hours just looking for them and sometimes never even cast.

Other option is throwing a big streamer in a pool that you know contains a brown at dawn or dusk or waiting until the river is colored and again fishing the undercuts or eddies. It is usually a lot of work for not many fish but once you get to know a river then your chances increase as you at least know which areas hold them, that is what I am trying to learn here or you just get lucky and find one out in the open in the middle of a hot August day and give them something they want LOL.

I just started a post on Tricos which were mating up and down the Little River on Saturday , size 22-24 black and white females , all black males.
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