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Originally Posted by Magoo View Post
I live in Cosby- give me a shout if you'd like to meet up.

I can say that locally the topwater bite has been good enough to keep me from "having" to go subsurface.

If, for whatever reason, the bite is really off while you're here you could come over to my place and yank some crappie out of the pond.
haha, thank you! I LOVE Cosby. Best kept secret in the Smokies. I just bought two more cabins there on CC for an investment - two loggers right there on the Creek! We are going out to check them out and see what all we need to buy for them.

I've sometimes wondered if Cosby Creek (down lower below GSMNP) would support brown trout - there are sure some deep holes.

You probably know about the fishing hole on Cosby Creek where they guy has all of the old cars...the owner let us fish there once and were pulling out rainbows from 15 to 20 inches.

They didn't take a fly though - we had to put a little "persuasion" on there to get any action.
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