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Saw a cool Woolly Worm on some moss on a rock midstream.

The fishing was awesome. I had been wondering why I haven't had many days with really big numbers this year as opposed to the last Then I figured it out as I was reeling in fish after fish, I haven't been fishing by myself much this year

Then I had something weird happen There was a midstream boulder that has a washtub shape which held 4 inches or so of water. It was 2 feet above current water level. I'm not sure if I caught a double and one flung off into the pool or if one was previously trapped there. But as I was taking a fish off I notice the other fish. I took there pictures then released them to the main stream

They were mostly hitting the dry, but just enough on the dropper to make you keep it on

So many hole to fish. I had to pass up a bunch of them because I was already going slow. 2-3 fish per hole will do that to you
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