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Yep, I know the spot. I love his sign to the effect "Nothing is for sale". All of this crap is mine-all-mine.

We only moved here at the beginning of the year so I haven't explored a whole lot yet with home repairs and the like taking a lot of effort. I think I've only fished outside of the park a handful of times. The stockers, while (much) bigger just aren't as much fun for me. We live about a mile from the creek so I don't exactly have backyard access anyway and don't yet know anyone in the area.

I'd guess that the upper and middle sections of the creek would support browns but I'd be surprised if they could survive the local kill and grill community.

Congrats on the two new places. It sounds like you're a good ways upstream from us. We're down near the Front Porch and Janice's.

BTW: The Front Porch is running a buffet all day on Saturday with live entertainment. It's not the same as I hear it used to be, but they are doing a pretty good job and have some good dishes. Their baked beans alone are worth stopping in.
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