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I fish over there with my v-hull jon boat also. I have floated all the way around the right side of the island a couple of times and waded back up the the left bank pulling the boat back up to where its deep enough to use the trolling motor to get back to the top of the island. Once you get about halfway down either side of the island it is very shallow and swift moving water. It deepens back up at the bottom of the island. Good fishing for smallmouth, white bass, at times, carp and the occasional starving hatchery trout. Pulling the boat back upstream by hand is not fun, but doable. I usually get there at daybreak and fish all morning down and then wade back up during the hottest part of the day, when fishing is usually slow, stopping for lunch in the shade , and then fishing again the afternoon /evening.

some good white bass fishing one morning.

shady areas on both sides of the island to escape the heat of the day and just wade fish.

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