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Originally Posted by 2weightfavorite View Post
I posted a thread about this last week. Also having lived in PA and fished there a lot it has always surprised me how little our fish here care about the tricos. There are half a dozen holes road side where I know 250 days a year there will be fish sipping something, and while I have caught fish in these holes on tricos, I don't think they were keying in on them. I always notice the small clouds of tricos dancing around elkmont and down through Metcalf, but I have never seen a lot of tricos on the water at one time. I enjoy dry fly midge fishing, I carry tricos and use them sometimes, but all in all I know I can catch a lot more numbers and better size fish fishing other things..
Thanks for the info 2 weight have you ever seen the spinner fall here early in the morning though because back in PA that is what they keyed in on at least on the waters I fished.

I am wondering if its worth getting there early to see....sorry I did not see your earlier post.
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