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welcome to Tennnessee...Little River holds a significant number of large brown trout. If you like New Zealand style spotting and stalking large fish in very public places , well, you will love some of the larger Park streams. Some years ago I wrote a piece on Little River for the Trout Unlimited book "100 Best Streams in AmeICA." That piece described the pursuit of one of those "tanks" that hide in plain sight all along the road. It can be addictive. For many years l was blessed to have a cabin in Elkmont. I had the chance to spend dawns and dusks in some good water. I would often spend hours sitting out one of the big boys. If you have the patience (and it looks like you do!) it can be very rewarding. Frankly though the tourist interference got to be a real pain for me and l have since ventured elsewhere to chase big boys.
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