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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
I respectfully disagree. I had a day last year where I caught 40 keepers on that stretch. Most Big Fish I have ever caught in a day in the park. Also know of a 15 incher that was caught this year in another feeder stream recently. Mac, Colby, and I all had some Big Fish earlier this year.

Could it be that Nathan is eating them all
I echo this. Yes I have caught a ton of small trout on this stream, but I have never had a trip there where I didn't land some pretty good size trout, and have had multiple hook ups with some big guys. Also which fish are hitting (Brookies vs bows) changes day to day and sometimes even throughout the day. On one day, it was all little guys until a rainstorm hit. During the rain, I was catching them on almost every cast and they were all over 8". As soon as the rain quit, it was back to little guys

But no, I'm not eating them all. I just throw them in the woods
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