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Originally Posted by flyred06 View Post
I am looking into purchasing a new 6 weight mid western trout rod. I am looking at the scott radian or the sage one rod. has anyone cast both of these rods in order to do a comparison. I have cast the sage 1 rod and really like it but am also a scott fan. any ideas or thoughts. Principle before you waste your time posting, i am not buying a temple fork rod. Thanks for any information you can give. Sage has a great warrenty and customer service and that is why I have stayed with them for so long. But I am really impressed with the scott rods also. Sage 1 rods are very smooth casting and alot of power, smaller diameter and lighter weight. But the scott I have not seen yet at any of my local shops.
I have cast a One but not the scott. I went with a Helios based on the Orvis warranty. I have heard that Sage has been lacking in the customer service area (I hope that isn't the case) and when I read the Sage warranty for the one I was very confused. If you're willing to shell out for the sage, try the helios 2 and see what you think.
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