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I own the 6 wt One, and should start by saying that I am not a fan of Scott rods, and never have been. They simply do not fit my casting style as they are way too slow for my tastes.

I have a ridiculous fleet of rods, and an even more ridiculous number of 9' 6 weights, since 99% of the fishing I do is for Smallmouth. At last count I have 7 9' 6 weights, which is just absurd.

Without any question for me and my casting style the One is the best one of the bunch. There really isn't a close second. The One is the best casting rod I have ever used, and I liked the 6 so much I bought a 4, and it is just as insanely good as the 6.

As far as warranties, I generally break 2-3 rods a summer, and Sage replaces them every time no questions asked. Sure they charge 50 bucks, but that includes shipping.

Orvis did a great job marketing their warranty, but it is not really any different than Sage.

In my opinion you would make an enormous mistake not getting the one.
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