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Default Low vs High dollar rods.

I'm with Grumpy too! That said though, a rod in hand ,on the stream is a good rod....
There can be subtle differences in the high dollar rods, and we Americans are suckers for labels.... That said; I love my Scott G's and STS's! But I'd fish with any other rod, if that was what I had. As the saying goes; "the fish will never know".
The thing to justify the high dollar rods, or make them feasible are the warranties. You should get a lifetime warranty for the high dollar rod, that is a large factor in the high cost. You could buy three of four TFO's for the price of some of the desirable rods, though. I guess in the end, find one you like and fish it, learn how to use it, takes time for most of us... If you like the pretty rods and fly fishing is your passion, then it's your business if you choose to blow some cash on a rod (and reel)... or two!
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