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Default Sorry to have let this go.

Hope to start posting a few stories of the creek and fishing again soon. Has anyone besides Ducky been over? What about the guy evidently from Robbinsville who mentioned the new Delayed Harvest regs? That large stocking of fish in the DH area will be good for the rest of the creek, some of them will get washed downstream and end up as hold overs, or skillet fare! Water was 63 degrees last weekend, a mile below the confluence of Little and Big Snowbird, which is awesome for August 31st. As usual though, Little Snowbird was flowing like coffee. Why will they not put up silt fences when working around the creek? For that matter, why is no one respecting the riparian zone along the creek up there?
I was able to hit the creek for the first time in about 20 months last weekend, for about 45 minutes. I had the good fortune to stick one heavy fish... and lose it, then landed the first fish I have brought to hand since New Year's eve 2011/12! It was a beautiful little wild bow, still with vivid par markings. It took what (I think) it thought was a struggling moth on top. That little bow was absolutely gorgeous, and amazingly I could still handle the rod pretty well!
More to come hopefully.
Tight lines,
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