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Yeah it's a lesson in contextualization isn't it? Our native species is considered an invasive species somewhere else. It kind of makes you wonder how Germans feel, or western USAers feel when we talk about bows and brownies as being invasive! Okay, I doubt the Germans care, and most people are willing to accept the brownies even though, at least here in the North where we have the "inferior" brookies, they've done more damage to the brook trout than 'bows, but it's still an interesting article.

If you've ever read A River Runs Through It, Maclean talks about fishing for Eastern Brookies. He didn't like them. He said they were pretty, but they were slimmy and didn't fight very hard. He also said the word, "brook" was looked down upon in Montana. He references the size of the trout he was catching, and I thought, "Man I could catch 10" brookies all day long!"
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