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The Yellowstone situation is a joke and quite frankly is not all based on good science. I agree with removing non-native fish in streams that originally contained native species that have since been crowded out. However, the YNP is planning to remove all non-native trout from the Gibbon and replace it with West Slope Cutts, and this all despite the fact that their own environmental assessment admits that West Slope Cutts are NOT NATIVE to the upper Gibbon where this project will take place. Yep, they are going to replace one invasive with another. I guess it all makes sense to them since the West Slope Cutts originally existed further down that drainage (which could mean a lot of things). I'm all for native species restoration as long as it is supported by good science. YNP fisheries has crossed the line though at this point, and I have a hard time taking them seriously anymore...afterall, who originally stocked the lake trout in Yellowstone Lake...?
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