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Originally Posted by g022271 View Post
Corn on the Cob - Take however many ears of corn you plan to eat, some frozen bacon ((frozen so that it will be good that evening) some chili powder and alum. foil..... wrap the
bacon , 1 or 2 oieces, around the ear of corn. sprinkle an ample amount of chile powder all over the ear of corn, then wrap it in the foil and put it on the grate over the coals. Let it roast for about 15-20 min. and rotate a 1/4 turn every 4-5 min. Great Stuff !!!

Oh and the bacon is excellent wrapped around a trout. Cook it for as long as you want, if you do it right, the trout will not dry out

Not a backcountry pic, but just as good. I usually leave heads on though. Stuff with herbs (or ramps in the right time of year) for a really special treat!
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