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So the fishing seemed to be on, but with the low water, I rarely caught more than one pool, so I was moving up the stream much faster than usual too, because of the low low water.

I caught several like this 8" bow

At one point I had one that while he was going nuts trying to get off, I could see him darting through the water. As I got him up to the surface, I noticed 2 more trout, similar in size that were chasing/following him through the run. When he got close to me/the surface the other two darted off.

As I got close to the normal getting out point, I ran into another guy fishing. He had had some luck, but not too much. I went up further (knowing I would now have to hike back down) and the fishing switched up pretty good. I had only been catching rainbows all day (except for a handful of small brookies) Now, as it was getting close to sunset, the bigger brookies were coming out to play.

I caught this guy almost immediately, at 8"+

And finally, I caught this one who was just over 9"

I decided that it wasn't going to get any better than that, so I called it a day.
But not before collecting a pile of otter poop


Other direction

Landmark tree

Sunset on the trail

Artsy sunset on the trail

So in hiking down the trail, I came across a guy hiking up. He did not look to be too physically fit and I have no clue why he was headed up with less than hour of sunlight left.

Oh....I found this in a fishes stomach, and it smelled HORRIBLE

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