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Default Video was a bit ridiculous

Thought the references to the Ranger with a brand new gun pounding on the tent at 745 demanding paperwork was a bit over the top. That doesn't do anything to help the cause. Those guys have a hard enough job (though a great job) as it is, and that reference did nothing to promote the debate and only makes me roll my eyes. I try to remain objective about the whole issue, and I fall more on the side that this money will not be used for what we were told and that the window dressing put on the whole fee system was disingenuous. Maybe the Ranger was a bit over zealous, I was not there so I don't know, but if (s)he was, that was one of many others that are very professional and curteous about their job. Productions like that only hurt their cause, in my opinion anyways. Yes I have friends that are NPS Rangers. I am sure quite of few of you do to. That video just makes the field Rangers job harder, and it doesn't affect the management Rangers where the decisions were made.

Please understand, I am not in favor of the fee system and support the message. Just not the messangers presentation, in this video anyway.
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